TaskToday is a daily task-tracking and reporting manager with mobile and web apps running on a cloud platform. TaskToday is an innovative software program that combines several branches and daily tasks into one by managing users, duties, and tasks and tracking time and work performance for businesses, organizations, schools and families. This easy-to-use program fulfills the roles over several individual programs.

Multi-platform Support

Currently available on desktop computers, laptops, and Android devices, TaskToday will be coming to iPhone, Windows and other smart phones soon, giving you the full mobility to work where you want, when you want.

Tasking and Reporting

Tasks from employers are issued to employees. Employees are required to do the task within the time frame given, and write a report reflecting on the tasks completed.

Optimized for any Organization

TaskToday is perfectly compatible with all kinds of organizations, in the framework of TaskToday, every director will understand intuitively and promptly the progress of the work of any one of subordinates.

Mobile Site Builder

Our powerful technology makes it simple for anyone to go online with a beautiful, professional, and functional web presence. No creative limits, no coding – just complete freedom to express yourself and manage your entire business online.

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Third-party Integration

TaskToday gives you the ability to connect to major 3rd party task management systems, such as Gmail Task, Outlook Calendar, etc. and the task reminder service data can be leaded to users through 3rd party App like Facebook, Twitter, SINA weibo, We Chat, etc.